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Prepared for 27th Annual  General Body Meeting
Pensioner's Bhawan. Guwahati  19.08.2007
Revered President, Honorable Members of the Executive Committee and respected Members of the Kaziranga Wild-life Society.
At the outset, I, as the Secretary of the Kaziranga Wildlife Society, has the proud privilege to welcome you all to the 27th Annual General Body Meeting of the Society for the year 2006-2007 and present the annual report of the Society before this august Body.
At the moment, the Society is proud of having 515 Life members (twelve added since the last AGM on 23.07.06) including 21 overseas members and four institutional members. Over and above, we have 7 Honorary members and 55 student members. On behalf of the General Body of the Society, I cordially welcome the new Members.
As per our Constitution, it is mandatory that the Annual Report should include all the activities of the society that have taken place during the year i.e. from 23.07.06 to 19.08.07. But since most of the activities have already been published in our KWS News Letter, vol. XII dated June'07, I shall submit only a brief account of the same.
During the year under consideration altogether eight Executive Committee meetings took place.
The birthday of (late) Padmashree Robin Banerjee is being celebrated by the Society on a regular basis since 1995, and I strongly hope that KWS will continue to celebrate the same every year on 12th August.
Research Centre Inaugurated : A milestone event in the history of the Society is the opening of the Research Centre (inaugurated by Sri Utpal Miri, son of late Mahi Chandra Miri). On (13.08.06) The Centre was named as Mahi Miri Researce Centre, Kohora as approved by last AGM. It will slant functioning shortly.
The Society actively participated in the week-long celebration organised by the Forest Department at Kohara, which included a daylong programme for school children by the Society.
In addition to the Members of the Society stationed at Kohara, Sri (all) R.K. Deka, D. Gogoi, T Chowdhary, A. Sarmah, A. P. Das and Smti Parbati Barua participated.
Foundation Day :
Never before the Society celebrated its foundation day though it was established during 1969-70.
But this time due to the imitative of a few enthusiastic members viz Dr. Indrajit Sarma, Smti Parbati Barua, Sri (all) Tarun Chowdhary, Anil Barua, Dilip Gogoi and few others the celebration was made possible on 12.12.06. about 35 members of the Society attended. Dr. Padmeswar Gogoi, initiated the discussions held for the perpose and Sri Chida Das, Smti Quin Oza participated in the symposium celebration held at Guwahati for the purpose. A sovenir issue of 'The Rhino' was hurriedly published in the occasion. Greeting Cards :
As discussed in the Society's AGM last year, the Executive Committee authorised Dr. Indrajit Sarma and Sri Tarun Chowdhary to print and distribute the greeting cards. Altother 15000 cards were printed and distributed. We have sent the cards to the members of the Society as New Year's Greeting. It was a publicity; also it domed us some money.
I, on behalf of the Society extend our gratitude to both of them. Thanks also due to Sri Jayanta Dutta and Sri Swapan Nath (KWS) for allowing us to use their photographs. Prominent few who helped us in this venture are Sri (all) Anil Kr. Borua, Randeep Sarma of Jorhat (not a Member of the Society) Dilip Gogoi, Deepak Dowrah (Golaghat) and Swapan Nath (Kohara).
Deepar Beet and Pobitora Sanchuary 
With the initiative of Dr. Indrajit Sarma, Smti Parbati Barua, Sri (all) Tarun Chowdhary, Padum Barthakur, Dilip Gogoi and Anup Sarma and with co-operation of the Forest authorities, complete renovation of the eastern watch tower of Deepor Beel alongwith the boundary fencing, gates etc. were completed in February' 07.
The same team also erected temporary Urinal block for both gents and ladies at Pobitora sanctuary for the benefit of visitors comming to participate in 33rd National Games in February '07 at Guwahati.
Temporary electrification also was done in Kamarpur Forest Camp at Pobitora. Sri Amar Bhagwati of electricity department has extended all possible help in this venture, for which we are greatful to him. Elephant Festival : Kaziranga 
As usal the Society participated in the Elephant Festival this year also at Kaziranga. The Members may please note that the invitation cards for the Festival were printed by us on request of the Elephant Festival Celebration Committee.
This year, the Society opened a stall in the festival ground where VDO shows on forests and environment were displayed. Photographs of past activities of the Society were also highlighted.
In addition to the members of the Society in and around Kohora Sri (all) Dilip Gogoi, Tarun Chowchary, Padum Barthakur, Anup Sarma, Dr. Indrajit Sarma, Smti Parbati Baua participated in the festival. Bio-Diversity Camp (Steps for Preservation of Nature) :
On 22.02.07. The Kaziranga Wild-life Society represented by Smti. Parbati Barua, Sri, A.P. Das and Sri Anup Sarma besides Sri Swapan Nath (Kohara) actively participated in to Bio-diversity camp for school children organised by KNP authorities in co-ordination with some NGO's at Baguri. World Environment Day :
The World Environment Day, 5th June'07, was observed by the Society in association with the National School, Amgaon, Bonda, Guwahati where Members including the President of the Society Sri R.K. Deka were present.
For reference of the honoured members of the Society, and others the web site informations are furnished. Our web-site
Members, who have old information about the society or wanting to suggest anything may please contact the Secretary of the Society. Actions During Floods :
During the recent floods at Kaziranga National Park, as in the past the animals and forest camp dwellers were in some troubles. The animals try to migrate towards the neighbouring hills of Karbi Anglong District through the forest corridor and also get caught or killed, while very tired and hungry.
A team of KWS members consisting of Sri (all) Dilip Gogoi, Padum Barthakur, Torun Choudhury and Apurba Das rushed to the KNP on 31st July, 07 with some food staffs, medicines, torte-light & cells, harrican lamps etc. and with the full co-operation of local members of the society led by Sri Swapan Nath and forest staffs distributed the material free.
We have also procured a fogging machine to be used for smoking with anti-mosquito medicines in the malaria effected areas of KNP & around. Our members stayed at Kohora for few days and also helped the forest staff in patrolling.
The second batch of our members namely, Sri (all) Raj Baruch, S. Rahman, Ranjit Dohatia, Rittik Saikia and Prasanta Gogoi (Jorhat) arrived at Kohora at a later date and stayed for 3 days for similar works, helpful to the forest officers and wild denizens.
Birthday Celebration of Padmashri Dr. Robin Banerjee
12th August' 08 being the Birthday of our founder president, Padmashri Dr. Robin Benerjee, as usual we have celebrated the day. This is for the first time, a meeting was arranged in the State Zoo Auditorium with the help of the zoo officers and Late Dr. Banerjee was remembered. Discussion about his life & works towards wild-life preservation etc. were highlighted. The members and others present, about 40 in numbers took a vow to work for preservation of forestry environment to protect wild-life in NE India. Many stressed the need of stricter implementations of conservation rules & more attention and proper funding to forestry sector.
Senior Conservationist, Shri (all) Phatik Ch. Gogoi, IFS (rtd), Prof. A.K. Padmapati, former K.W.S. President, & M.C. Malakar, IFS, PCCF (Wild-life) Assam, were also felicitated in the meeting. Shri P. Lahan, IFS (rtd) was also felicitated on his residence. Many members & will-wishers spoke in the meeting and stressed the need of preservation of flora and fauna of NE India.
Light refreshment was offered before the Vote of thanks extended by Sri Dilip Gogoi.
The Project Implementation Committee of KWS has a number of proposals like construction of elephant riding tower at Pobitora, plantation at Silpukhuri, banks at Guwahati, renovation of western watch tower at Deepor Beel etc. But to have all these projects implemented we need active co-operation from our members to help and arrange sponsors etc.
The Society is not yet in a position to complete construction of the 'urinal block' under MP's LADF at Kohora due to nonavailability of a suitable plot of land at Kohora.
The Executive Committee of the KWS has decided to get the site shifted to Baguri, failing which the fund shall be refunded.
I, also like to inform the members that we are trying to get registered under Foreign Contribution Regulatory Board Act and under 80 (G) of IT act for tax rebate on contribution to the Society.
As the outgoing Secretary, I want to thank all the Members of the Society for giving me the opportunity to serve the Kaziranga Wildilife Society. I also offer my thanks to all the members of the Executive Committee for their sound advice and guidence in serving the Society.
I thank our internal auditor Sri Alok Sarma and auditor Sri Anupam Nath, CA for their help and guidence.
I thank Sri Babulal Agarwal, Treasurer for his help and assistance in compliling our accounts.
I thank Sri Raghunath Chowdhary, Editor for his effort in editing and timely publication of the KWS News Letters and The RHINO. I am also greatful to the Editorial Board for their co-opration and assistannce.
Thanks are also due to Sri Raaj Borooah and Sri Deepak Dowrah, Vice-President for collecting sufficient advertisements as a result of which the publication of our annual journal The RHINO become easy.
I, further extend my thanks to Sri Swapan Nath for keeping an eye on the functioning of the PCO and Guest House at Kohora. Sri Tulsi Hatibarua and Sri Thanu Gogoi also deserve thanks for their services to the Society.
After the discussions on this report, the Treasurer shall discuss and answer to any questions etc. on the financial report of the Society for the year 2006-2007. The report in question, as per decission of our last AGM has already been circulated amongst the members. This is not repeated here.
We have accepted donations with gratitude during the year from 
1. Sri Deben Deka 2. Sri Jadumoni Bora (UK) 3. Sri Anupam Nath 4. M/s NE Cables and Conductors 5. Ws Grid Equpment Pvt. Ltd. 6. Sri Utpal Miri 7. Sri J. Saikia 8. Sri Dilip Gogoi
We-welcome the following new life members to the society enrolled from 23.07.06 to 19.08.07 
504.    Sri Anil Kumar Barua    505. Sri Janendu Saikia
506,    Sri Pradip Barkataki    507. Sri Bhupen Borkakati
508.    Sri Amarjyoti Bhagawati    509. Sri Jadab Chandra Khaund
510.    Sri Utpal Miri    511. Smti. Asha Bore
512.    Sri Priyabrata Lahkar    513. Sri Indrajit Duda
514.    Sri Satya Brata Saikia    515. Dibakar Borgohain.
Wishing that this Society shall be instrumental to some extent to help preserving the biodiversity of the State.


Kaziranga Wildlife Society
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Kaziranga Wildlife Society
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