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For the Year 2004-2005 on its 26th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, at Guwahati

Respected President, Members of the Executive Committee and dear Members,
At the very outset, I, on behalf of the Kaziranga Wildlife Society, welcome you all most heartily to the 26th Annual General Meeting of the Society for the year 2005 - 06, and present the Annual Report of the Society before this august body at All Assam Small Scale Industries Association Hall, at Guwahati.
The Society is credited to have 503 Life numbers on its roll besides Student Members and Honorary Members, but we find here at this moment only a small number members present in this meeting. I, on behalf of the Executive Body request the honourable members present, to pursue the absent members to take active interest in the affairs of the Society.
I assure the honourable members that we are trying our level best to improve on the communication with the members in the coming days
I therefore, appeal to you all the members to spare a little of your precious time to help the society to achieve greater height.
Now, let me dilate on the activities of our Society since the last AGM on 10. 07.05 till the time of reporting. In our Newsletter, May'06, we have published the details the gist of the same areas follows.
(i) Result of photo competition and other events held on 12.08.05, the birth day of (Late) Padmasri Dr. Robin Banerjee, our founder President.
(ii)    Training programme on 'Tourism through community Participation' held on 27th & 28th September'06 at Kohora.
(iii)    Participation of our Vice-President Smti Parbati Barua in Elephant Training camp in West Bengal.
(iv) Participation of our members in Rhino census at Kaziranga NP and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, for 2006.
(v) List ofdonors during the period were also published in the said Newsletter.
Hereunder, I have the pleasure of reporting the activities that took place after the Medical Camps in KNP area 
On request of the SDO(Civil), Bokakhat, the Society organised the following Medical camps in the malaria effected areas around KNP.
(i) On 7th May'06 at No. 2 Kohora L,P School
(5) On 8th May'06 at Geleki L.P. School.
These camps were attended by Dr(s) B.K. Ramchiary, Tapan Das, T.K.Das(all from Guwahati) and L.P. Bora (Kohora)
(iii)    On 13th May'06 at Borjuri L.P.School
(iv)    On 14th May'06 at Panbari L.P. School.
These two camps were held in collaboration with All Assam None - Govt. Health Establishment Association, Guwahati, represented by Dots) Indrajit Sarma (member KWS) and Bipul Duttachoudhry. All together more than 600 patients were checked up and free medicines were given to them in these four camps.
The main organisers on behalf of the society were Sarbasree Dilip Gogoi (W.P), Safiqur Rahman (Asst. Sect'), Tarun Choudhry, Swapan Nath, Ajit Bama, Nabajyoti Bora and others.
All medicines for these camps were donated by Dr. Tapan Choudhury, Dr Binod Baruch, Dr Bhupen Bhattacharjee, Dr. Amon Das, Dr Banjit Chudhry, Dr. Nabashyam Das (all from Guwahati), Dr. D. Tamuli (SDMO), Bokakhat, Dr. L.P.Bom (Kohora), M/S Candid Drug Distributor and MIS Innova Marketing (Guwahati)
Farewell to Sri. N.K. Vasa, Director, Kaziranza National Park
On 1 st June'06, members headed by Sri R.K.Deka (President) and Sri D.Gogoi (W.P) along with members from Guwahati and Kohora assembled at Society's lodge at Kohora to bid farewell to Sri N.K.Vasu, IFS (honorary member of the society), Director, KNP, Bokakhat who has been transfered to Dehradun. Sri Vasu was of great help to the society over and above his praiseworthy contribution to develop KNP as International Tourist Centre and overall management & preservation of the National Park.
World Enviroment dav
5th June'06, the World Enviroment Day, was observed by the society with a day long programme, such as planting of trees in the premises of KNP High School, Kohora. This event was followed by essay competition amongst students of VIII to X and drawing competition amongst the student of V to VII of local schools. The function was concluded with quiz competition amongst students.
The initiative for organising the day tong programme was taken by the local committee, of KWS, Kohora.
We could have organised few more activities if our members would have taken more initiative.
Research Centre at Kohra 
While reporting the activities of the Society, it is my proud privilege to announce before this August body, the compitition of the Research Centre at Kohra, at an approximate cost of Rs.6.00 lalchs, 1, on behalf of the Society extend our gratitude to Sri Indramoni Bora, M.P. (R.S) and a life member of the Society, whose contribution of Rs. 5.00 lakhs from M.P's Local Area Development Fund made it possible to establish this Centre. I also extend our thanks to Sri N.K. Vasu, IFS, Director, KNP, for shoulding the burden of Chairmanship of the Construction Committee of the Research Centre formed as per Govt norms. Thanks are also due to Sri D. Gogoi who as Member Secretary of the Committee completed the construction. This Research Centre shall provide facilities for members and researchers to carry out systematic study and research on wildlife, environment and pollution as per constitution of the Society, which we intend to follow up in stage
I extend my heartest regard to all Members of the Executive Committee and lot of more Members for helping me to discharge the duties as Secretary, KNP.
In particular I appriciate the help and guidence offered to me by Sri P.K. Deka, Sri D. Gogoi, Sri Tarun Chowdhary and Sri S. Rohman
My thanks are due to Sri R.N. Chowdhary, Editor, for timely publication of 'The Rhino' and News Letter and Sri Raaj Baran (member E.C.) for collecting advertizements for 'The Rhino' to help financially.
I thank Sri B.L. Agarwal, Treasurer Sri Alok Saturn (Internal Auditor) and Sri Anupam Nath (CA) for completing our accounts in time.
Also thanks are due to Sri Swapan Nath who is looking after the KWS complex at Kohra, which have earned maximum collection of Rs. 1.99  lakhs in the lodge during the year under respect. Here, thanks are also due to Sri Tulsi Hatibarua, Manager and Sri Thanu Gogoi, attendent for making it possible.
I extend my thanks to al I firms and individuals who contributed generously to help the Society:
Before concluding this report, I want to draw attention of honourable members to a report in Down to Earth (15 June '06)
"India is among the countries with large plantation of forestry. But loss of natural Forests is alarming. According to an estimate by the GO[, during the two years 2001-2003, he area under natural forest here decreased by 2.6 million hectors(mha) per year, while that under plantation, forestry have increased by 2.9 turn only. This meant a net gain in forest cover of 300,000 ha annually
This indeed is a silver lining in the perspective in the dark picture of Forests in India. But in N.E. Region and particularly in Assam the forest coverage have been reduce and the density of forest here, in places have gone to dogs resulting in great inconvenience to the denizious of the Forest.
Honourable Members, it is expected that with your active help, the Society shall be able to take up plantation programmes in future.
This report shall be followed by the financial report of the Society during the financial year 2005-06 presented by the honouray Treasurer.
I conclude this report by extending my gratitude to all (whose names may not have been included in this report) who extended their helping hand to achive the goals of the Society. 



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